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"My children spoke of and interacted constantly with their guardian angels without ever referencing or requiring a name," writes Christina A. Pierson in her book A Knowing: Living with Psychic Children. "This seems to be a fairly common phenomenon as it is the adults that require names in order to identify and define all beings and things. Children recognize their angels based on other, more unique and specific indicators, such as feeling, vibration, hues of color, sound and sight."

You might remember seeing and talking with your Guardian Angel when you were a child.  Children are naturally open and receptive to the angelic realm.  Angels serve as messengers and guides, and as guardians, especially for children. 

Angel Kids Classes – Ages 7 – 12

In an Angel Kids class children are taught to work with their angels as beings of great love and support.  They are taught to know that their angels will always bring them messages of love, encouragement and understanding; not to mention joy and laughter. 

They will learn what a Guardian Angel is and what their special job is in the life of each child.  The classes are fun, experiential and help build self-confidence, a positive and healthy outlook on life and support for continued connection with the Angelic Realm. 

Children can learn to give their worries and concerns to the angels and the angels shower children with unconditional loving energy.  Each child in the class will receive a small angel-shaped crystal to keep in their pocket or on their bedroom dresser to give them a physical anchor to always connect to their Guardian Angel anytime they want.  This special gift will be attuned to the energy of each child’s specific Guardian Angel as part of the closing ceremony of the class.

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