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Reiki can help any condition. Some specific conditions are mentioned here. Make sure to inquire about any imbalance you are experiencing whether on the physical, mental or emotional level so you can receive the healing light of Reiki wherever needed.

Everything discussed as well as all details of your Reiki session are held in the strictest confidence. Reiki does not replace conventional treatments or therapies but complements whatever treatments are already in place. As such, it is important to continue to work with your medical professionals on a comprehensive approach to your overall health. Reiki is not a diagnostic tool and does not supplant the need for regular doctor visits and health tests.


Whether osteo or rhumetoid arthritis, arthritis sufferers experience pain and even crippling effects. A Reiki treatment reduces pain and inflammation, helping to create better quality of life and greater ease of movement.

Allergies/Migraines/Headaches/Sinus Conditions

Reiki is beneficial in relieving nasal stuffiness, headaches, and fatigue. As the client relaxes, the physical symptoms lesson and the breathing deepens opening up airways and energetic pathways in the body that provide greater flow and enhanced well-being.


Reiki helps those undergoing chemotherapy have less discomfort while having a calming effect. Toxins are gently released and the body is restored to greater balance, alleviating some of the side-effects of a program of chemotherapy such as nausea, tiredness and skin sensitivity.

Multiple Sclerosis/Parkinsons

With the gentle Reiki treatment, symptoms of MS and Parkinsons are greatly lessened and the client experiences a profound state of relaxation in the physical body.

Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

The relaxing, calming effects of Reiki treatments assists duriing pregnancy and delivery. Often clients find that delivery is a much easier process and that they and their babies have less complications.

Pre and Post Surgery

It is known that people who have Reiki treatments before surgery report they experience less pain and fewer complications and faster recovery. They found that the healing process was quicker when they continued Reiki sessions after their procedures.

Reiki has many benefits. Some of the benefits experienced by Reiki clients are:

  • sense of calm, relaxation and relief of stress
  • relief from anxiety
  • enhanced immune system functioning
  • increased focus
  • reduction in pain in the physical body
  • support during pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • calming for pre-surgery and faster healing post-surgery
  • detoxing of harmful emotions and energies
  • healing and balancing of emotions
  • easing of chronic pain
  • more restful sleep
  • soothing tight muscles
  • relief of digestive problems


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